Small but critical, spark plugs exist in your engine in order to ignite the fuel gasses in your engine’s cylinders, so they’re something you definitely don’t want to neglect. With that in mind, how often should you replace your Lexus spark plugs?

Typically, you’re looking at spark plug replacement every 100,000 miles if you have a fairly modern Lexus that’s using titanium or iridium spark plugs, although with older models you may have different mileage recommendations to follow.

Today we’ll take a look at some factors that can wear down your spark plugs faster and which warrant replacement of them a little more frequently than the ‘best practices’ Lexus recommendations.

What habits wear out your spark plugs faster?

Certain driving styles or habits can take a bite out of the projected efficiency expectations for your spark plugs and we’ll list them below. We’ll expand a little on each in the sections to follow, as well, so that you’ll understand how each of these comes into play where your spark plugs are concerned:

  • Using low-grade fuel
  • Constant low-mile travel
  • Lack of regular preventative maintenance

Using low-grade fuel

A high-performance vehicle like your Lexus needs proper fuel to function at its best. 91 octane is the recommended grade, but if you’re in a hurry or a budget crunch and you’ve been using 87 grade lately then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Anything lower than 91 octane isn’t going to burn as efficiently and what’s worse, is going to foul up your spark plugs quicker and may even lead to misfiring down the line. So, stick with 91 octane to keep your Lexus at its best and to reduce wear and tear on your spark plugs. Easy-peasy!

Constant low-mile travel

Do you often use your Lexus to take trips that would only be a matter of 4-5 minute walking? If you do, then you should know that this may reduce the efficiency of your spark plugs. That’s because what happens is that you make your quick trip out and return home, but your engine hasn’t heated up to its optimal temperature for operation.

Simply put, your spark plugs are being used often, but never have enough time to get hot enough! If you really hate walking, you can certainly still take those quick trips, but you should let your mechanic know – more frequent spark plug replacement and regular checks are going to be the best practice here.

Lack of regular preventative maintenance

The most common reason that spark plugs don’t get replaced until problems arise is a simple lack of regular preventative maintenance. It’s an honest mistake – Lexus vehicles are precision-engineered for high performance, and so they don’t follow the standard ‘every 10,000 miles’ recommendations that a lot of other vehicles have.

For a Lexus, you want to bring your vehicle in for preventative maintenance every 6 months or 5000 miles and if you’ve got a few of the habits that we’ve listed today, just let your mechanic know that you’re a little hard on your spark plugs and that they might warrant some extra attention!

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