The Ford brand is renowned for creating off-roaders with excellent driving performance, smooth handling, and technologically advanced engines. This has made drivers of Ford off-roaders worldwide enjoy a sleek driving experience while driving across off-road terrains.

Off-roading can present several problems, but many of them can be avoided. However, it is necessary to understand them and prepare accordingly to succeed. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter on your next off-roading adventure.

Body Damage

Out on the trails, your Ford will likely endure some wear and tear. In off-roading, scrapes, dents, dings, and scratches are practically inevitable. While keeping your Ford’s appearance is challenging, it’s not impossible.

Off-roading can cause significant damage to the body of your vehicle. Consider installing body armor to protect it. Body armor, an abrasion-resistant material, prevents scratches, dents, and other types of damage to more vulnerable areas such as the taillights and rear corners. To do some damage control after your trip, keeping touch-up paint on hand is not a bad idea if your Ford does get scraped up. When scrapes go past paint and primer, they will help prevent rust from forming.

Damage To Your Ford’s Undercarriage

During off-roading, the undercarriage of your Ford off-roader is one of the most vulnerable and exposed areas. There is a possibility of debris getting flung up or scraping across the undercarriage when driving over large obstacles or rocky roads, which can cause damage to the transmission and gas tank.

Even though certain parts of a Ford off-roader undercarriage are factory protected, these protections may not be adequate to protect the undercarriage in more extreme circumstances, leaving other areas at risk. When driving on the trails, skid plates are necessary to protect an important vehicle component. Abrasion-resistant plates like these can be used to protect Ford’s weak spots under its undercarriage by attaching them to its undercarriage.

Damaged or Popped Tires

The damage to your tires is another common issue you might encounter while off-roading. It is not unusual for off-roaders to return from their journeys with popped or otherwise damaged tires in their trunk as a result of driving over rugged or uneven terrain. It is, therefore, imperative that you have a spare tire on hand so that you are not left stranded if your tire pops. You should always keep a spare tire and high-lift jack in your off-roader to lift your vehicle high enough to change a damaged tire.

Before hitting the trails, it is a good idea to reduce your tire pressure slightly to prevent any damage from occurring. It is possible to mold your tire to the ground’s various formations more effectively by lowering the tire pressure.

To get your tires back up before you get back on paved roads, make sure to keep a portable tire inflator and an air pressure gauge in your Ford off-roader.

Getting Stuck

Although treated last, getting stuck is one of the most common issues experienced by off-roaders. The tires on your vehicle can become stuck when driving on loose terrains like mud, sand, and snow.

Keep your speed slow and steady when driving in areas without much traction to avoid getting stuck. For instance, if you find yourself driving over a mud pit, it is not recommended to stop because you will probably not be able to regain your momentum again. Additionally, you should avoid driving too fast over loose terrain, as doing so may cause your tires to slip and dig into the surface. The adage “slow and steady wins the race” is ultimate in this situation.

Knowing how to avoid becoming stuck is important, but it is equally as important to know how to get unstuck once you have become stuck. As much as we would like to avoid getting stuck while off-roading, it is simply not realistic, so being prepared when it does occur is important. You should ensure you keep some essential tools in your vehicle if you get stuck in an emergency. A winch, recovery straps, and traction pads will all help get your vehicle out of a bind.

Ford Off-Roader Tire Maintenance

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